Lucy Cox is an alumna of Wimbledon College of Arts (2015) and City, University of London (2018) with a BA (Hons) Fine Art and an MA in Culture, Policy & Management. National and international exhibitions include ‘Dear Christine’, Vane Gallery, Newcastle; Elysium Gallery, Swansea, and ArtHouse1, London (2019–2020); ‘Made in Britain: 82 Painters of the 21st Century’, The National Museum of Gdańsk, Poland (2019); ‘Contemporary Masters From Britain’ which toured to museums and galleries across China (2017–18); ‘Colour: A Kind of Bliss’, The Crypt, St Marylebone Parish Church, London (2017), and ‘Geometry: Wonky and Otherwise’, Déda, Derby (2015). Her work is held in a number of collections, including the Priseman Seabrook Collection, of which she is also on the advisory board, and the Jiangsu Museum of Art in Nanjing, China. She lives and works in London and hosts the ‘Painters Today’ podcast.

“Lucy Cox's unmoored, sometimes patterned rectangles delight in the ambiguous spaces they themselves create, whilst her coloured circles can be read equally as autonomous shapes situated in front of a rectangle or as being cut-out, revealing a further coloured plane behind it. My friend wondered, tongue in cheek, whether we might make three-dimensional versions of these paintings, knowing that such a project would quickly fail. To borrow a Greenbergian idea, the spatial relationships are available only to eyesight.”
– Andy Parkinson, Patterns that Connect, 2015.

Current exhibitions
2020 – 'Vitalistic Fantasies' curated by Paula MacArthur, The Cello Factory, London, 2–8 December

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2020 – 'yes/no: A CBP virtual open studio' curated by Deb Covell, Paula MacArthur and Judith Tucker; built by Isaac Ashby
2019/20 – 'Dear Christine: a tribute to Christine Keeler' conceived and curated by Fionn Wilson, Vane gallery, Newcastle; Elysium gallery, Swansea, Wales; ArtHouse1, London
2019 – 'Made in Britain', Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsk, Poland
2018 – 'SFSA Painting Open 2018', NoFormat gallery, Deptford, London
2017/18 – ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum, China
2017/18 – ‘Testcard P’, The Crypt, Marylebone, London
2017 – ‘New Modern’, Acme Studios, London
2017 – ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing, China
2017 – ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Jiangsu Museum of Arts and Crafts (Artall), Nanjing, China
2017 – ‘Anything Goes?’ Art Bermondsey Project Space, London
2017 – ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Yantai Art Museum, China
2017 – ‘Colour A Kind Of Bliss’ curated by Lucy Cox and Freya Purdue, The Crypt, St Marylebone Parish Church, London
2017 – ‘30 x 30 x 34’, The Crypt, Marylebone, London
2016 – ‘Summer Exhibition’, The Quay Arts, Isle of Wight
2015/16 – ‘Piercing The Veil’ curated by Lucy Cox and Michael O'Donoghue, Simmons Contemporary, Simmons & Simmons, London
2015 – ‘Geometry: Wonky and Otherwise’ curated by David Manley, Déda, Derby

Exhibition Catalogues:
2019/20 – 'Dear Christine'
2019 – 'Made in Britain: 82 Painters of the 21st Century'
2017 – 'Anything Goes?'
2017 – 'Contemporary Masters from Britain: 80 British Painters of the 21st Century'
2017 – 'Colour: A Kind of Bliss'
2015 – 'Geometry: Wonky and Otherwise'
2015 – 'Piercing The Veil'

Selected Press:
9 February 2020 – 'Ζωγραφίζοντας ένα σκάνδαλο' by Μαρίλια, Παπαθανασίου, Το Βήμα
Autumn 2019 – 'On Class and Finding Christine Keeler in Art' by Julie Burchill, Art North Magazine, edition 3
28 May 2019 – 'Christine is being reframed - about time' by Tanya Gold, The Daily Telegraph
March 2019 – 'Festival of Women events, Tyneside' |
February 2019 – 'Two Croydon artists exhibiting in Poland', East London Lines |
February 2019 – 'Croydon artists feature in Polish exhibition alongside British icons' |
October 2017 – Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China |
May 2017 – 'Colour: A Kind of Bliss', M&F magazine |

Reviews and Essays:
June 2019 – 'The Boy Who Looked at Christine', essay by Ian McKay, Art North magazine |
June 2019 – 'Dear Christine' by Julie Burchill, ART NORTH magazine |
2017 – 'Colour: A Kind of Bliss' review by Natasha Hall, ArtTop10 |
2017 – 'Colour: A Kind of Bliss' essay by Andy Parkinson |

21 May 2019 – 'No Eden' at the Greenham Control Tower, Newbury | Robert Fitzmaurice in conversation with Lucy Cox
13 October 2018 – 'Companion Pieces' at the NoFormat gallery, Deptford, London | Robert Fitzmaurice in conversation with Lucy Cox
23 October 2017 – 'The Aura of Abstraction' | Paper presented by Lucy Cox | Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China
9 June 2017 – Panel Discussion: 'Colour: A Kind of Bliss', The Crypt, Marylebone, London