Geometry: Wonky & Otherwise

Artists: Andrew Bracey, Lucy Cox, Louisa Chambers, Terry Greene, David Manley, Andrew Parkinson, Richard Perry, Marion Piper and Sarah R Key

Dates: Thursday 3 September – Saturday 7 November
Times: Monday to Thursday 9am – 9pm / Friday 9am – 5pm / Saturday 9am – 2pm

Abstract Painting occupies a curious space in the expanding universe of contemporary art practice. Despite its history stretching back a century it still excites the public imagination in bemused, often antagonised ways, whilst for many curators and influencers it is equally often dismissed as ‘old hat’, (for whom the idea of letting go of figural references seemed daring) young artists continue to be fascinated by its possibilities and with the methods and means of a project that might be seen as, frankly, rather ‘odd’ in this digital age. And inside the citadel of abstraction the pursuit of geometry – though perfectly obvious as a key means of construction – seems odder still.

And yet there are still plenty of adherents to the cult. This exhibition assembles a grouping of nine such souls, their ages ranging from one in her twenties to one over sixty, and although mostly based hereabouts (the East Midlands) coming from as far north as Yorkshire and as far south as the other side of the Thames in London. All have plundered grids, triangles, squares, pentagrams, and beyond, fashioned together in various ways, and doing so with both reckless and restrained intentions.

Thanks to Deda for hosting and supporting the exhibition and enabling some new abstract painting to be viewed in Derby.

Written by David Manley, Derby, September 2015

CATALOGUE (24pp. with 13 col. ills.) available from reception at £7.50

19 Chapel St